We have first quality services where we provide our clients with the best legal solutions, ensuring peace of mind and security in any procedure. We do it in an easy and accessible way so that your processes are carried out in the most efficient manner.

Services we offer

Wills and Trust

Heritage Plan Package

Secure the future of those you love most. Have access to a living will, a financial power of attorney and a final living will or trust. You can have access to our consultancies.í

Last Will And Testament

Your loved ones may be protected with a legally binding will.

Living Will

You will feel safe and your loved ones will know your desires for medical care through this document in case you are unable to do so later.


Power Of Attorney For Your Care In The Future

You may designate the trusted person of your choice to make health care decisions for you in case you are incapacitated.


The lawyer is giving legal advice..


When planning a marriage, there are many details to consider. This event should not be a complicated procedure. Legals Paper will help you throughout the process so that it is not a headache for you.

Marriage is an unforgettable time between spouses, so good management will meet all your expectations.


We are the right people at those times where you need to leave this legal process in the hands of trusted professionals to make it as problematic as possible.

Our professionals are qualified and have the necessary experience to attend to these processes in a comprehensive way. All this to support our clients to cope with the burden of a divorce.

Name Change

At Legals Paper, we can facilitate the judicial approval process for the name change.

We know that there are multiple circumstances in which an adult or a child must come to request this service.

A successful approval will allow you to use your new name in government, private and financial entities or where you need it.


Residential Leasing

Protect your investment and assets from damages and problems. A quality lease can help you reduce risk.

It is necessary to have a good lease that delimits our rights as owners of a property and as tenants, to know dates, conditions of the property and purpose, price and all the other important details.

Transfer Of Ownership Deed

The procedures related to property deeds are often tedious, due to the large number of associated technicalities, which must be presented correctly to the registrars.

Our service of registration and transfer of real estate deeds is fast and efficient. We will guide you through the process to completion.

You can be assured that our professionals will do their job correctly, and your deeds will be updated and carefully managed in accordance with the provisions of the applicable laws in each country.


Corporate Legal Advice

We are professionals with the power to transform the provision of legal services, whether you are looking to create your business, accelerate your growth or preparing for the exit, Legals Paper has a first-world experience to be your ally in:

Intellectual Property

International Expansion

Additional Financing Rounds

Shareholder Disputes

Exit Rights Of Minority Shareholders


For us, the main thing is the customer experience. Providing you with excellent legal advice is your fundamental business right. Our commitment is that you have complete clarity in your processes and peace of mind with fixed rates.

Contract Templates

Nowadays, we need in our daily lives, solutions that help us to streamline our needs. Contracting services by the hour is often not functional when it comes to expediting a need for a legal process.            

In Legals Paper we create a series of "legal packages" to solve processes that we usually perform. Our contract template services mostly have a fixed fee for most situations. However, it will always be necessary for you to fill out the quote form to know your need and discuss your specific situation first.